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Octavi - A Single Device for IFR Sim Flying


Octavi is a flight simulator interface that lets you control all major avionics from a single device - complete with a dual axis rotary knob. Now, our product is ready for production and our Kickstarter campaign is coming very close!

Controls All Main Instruments

Eight context buttons allow you to use the dual-axis multifunctionknob for COM1/2, NAV1/2, FMS1/2 (such as a GNS430 or 530), transponderand autopilot. Octavi has fourteen LED backlit buttons to display thecurrent state of the device and the plane's autopilot.

No Drivers Required

The Octavi IFR pad is a plug-and-play USB device that requires nodriver installation and works on Windows, Mac and Linuxplatforms. Plug it in, install the plugin for your flight simulatorand take off! Octavi supports Laminar Research X-Plane and MicrosoftFlight Simulator 2020.

Home Cockpit At Fractional Cost

Octavi lets you use your flight simulator for serious IFR flyingand training at home without needing to spend thousands onhardware. It takes up virtually no space on your desk.

Please visit our website and our Facebook page

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