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OBD Updates Wings Over Flanders Fields


The talented team over at OBD have released updates for both WingsOver Flanders Field and Wings Over The Reich.

WOFF Platinum Edition changes include:

28th January 2020 WOFF PE V5.04 contents.

  1. Revised DM for Observation Balloons
  2. Direct X 3D Shaders Update - fixes some issues in Windows 7, andsea animation improvement
  3. Revised explosion sounds


WOTR 1.20 Changes:

29 January 2020 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.20 - of coursethis also includes the FREE stunning Spitfire MK1a that was releasedpreviously in V1.14.

  1. Revised DM for ships - Fighters can no longer sink multiple ships
  2. Campaign: BF109 Pilots no longer receive directives to directlyattack ships but rather they will now be directed to assist andprotect bombers that are attacking ships. - The mission takes place athigh altitude as top cover. It is NOT an escort mission - but therewill be friendly flights directed to attack the ships that require theassistance at the target. - As a leader the player can of course stilldirect his flight to attack the ships if desired.
  3. Direct X 3D Shaders Update - Includes smoother water animationsand stability fixes for Windows 7
  4. Spitfire MkIa model fixes - External: changed elevator shape toMKI type. Linked canopy pull handle to canopy properly. Revisedtraining of Spitfire engineers for future! Internal: Small tweaks toVC Spade Control column.
  5. Added 250Kg back onto centreline for Ju87 when using 4 wingmounted 50Kg bombs

Wings Over Flanders Fields
FlightSim.Com Review: Wings Over Flanders Fields: Ultimate Edition

Wings Over The Reich
FlightSim.Com Review: Wings Over The Reich

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