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Now Everyone Can Fly a SubSonex: MSFS 2020 Version Available


Sonex Aircraft is excited to announce that the SubSonex JSX-2 isnow available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Developed incooperation with Sonex Aircraft, the simulator can be downloaded onsimMarket, and offers remarkable fidelity with the handling qualitiesand the actual experience of flying a SubSonex. The experience is evenbetter with VR goggles, such as Oculus devices. Now, EVERYONE can flya SubSonex!



The simulator features the standard SubSonex MGL Avionics packageand includes the factory prototype "Sonex Yellow" and Gray "Sharkie"liveries, along with other popular SubSonex customer paintschemes.

Purchase the Ysim - SubSonex Simulator Now
Build the Real Thing: SubSonex JSX-2

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