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NL2000 v5.04 Enters Beta Testing

No FsWeekend, soon a new release will be available...


This year, due to the Corona threat, there will be no FsWeekend inthe Aviodrome. The NL2000 team understands this and hopes that nextyear the circumstances will be such that it can continue.

In the meantime, the NL2000 team has not been idle. Ever since thestart of NL2000 in 1997 the NL2000 team members have been developingeverything at home and despite the Corona this could continue. So wehave good news, soon version v5.04 will be released which is based onaerial pictures from 2019.

Developing a scenery seems simple, but it takes a lot of time andalso a lot of computer capacity. The photo sets are huge andprocessing them takes up a lot of disk space. The many donations wehave received help us to keep the necessary hardware up to date. Weare very grateful to everyone who helps us with this.

The photos from 2019 are not only more up to date, they are alsomuch more beautiful in colour. Certainly in the east of the country,the photos from 2017 were somewhat less colourful. Version v5.04contains, in addition to the 1 metre per pixel variant, anothervariant with 50cm per pixel for the high-end systems.

Lockheed Martin has now released version 5 of Prepar3D. DirectX 12and the new render engine of Prepar3D have made the colours of thephoto background much more beautiful. There are also new functionsavailable like transparent runways. For the airports with grassrunways, NL2000 has specially made separate packages of Prepar3Dv5with photorealistic grass runways (EHAL, EHHV, EHMZ and EHTX). Thismakes landing on these fields much more realistic.

We are currently working hard to ensure that all NL2000 airportsare neatly connected to the new subsurface. Wherever possible, updateswill also be implemented immediately to make the airports more up todate.

It is possible that not all airports will be ready during therelease, which will follow shortly after the release of version v5.04in a separate release.

We get a lot of questions about the new Microsoft FlightSimulator. At this moment the SDK for this simulator is still underdevelopment at Microsoft and not all tools are available yet. As soonas they become available the NL2000 team will look into thepossibilities to make the NL2000 scenery suitable for MSFS. At thismoment we will have to wait and see.

Version v5.04 of NL2000 is now in beta testing phase. Here are somescreenshots and some demo videos.


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