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News Update From Just Flight


Good morning/afternoon/evening all!

In this most unsettling of times we do hope that you are allmanaging to cope and where required adjust your daily lives androutines accordingly without it causing too much disruption.

Here at Just Flight, as things stand we're pretty much unaffectedfor now due to the fact that we have all worked from our home officesfor many a year and work with many of our development partnerscontinues unabated at present and all current projects continue ontrack (some good news!).

And we will be aiming to continue to bring you the latestdevelopment shots and videos from current projects and hope by doingso we're able to offer some respite and give you something to lookforward to and enjoy.

So to kick things off this week here's the latest set ofdevelopment shots for you to enjoy and we bring you a mix of 747Classic shots along with A300B4-200 shots too, all taken inPrepar3D.








As usual more shots and detail can be found on the respectiveproduct pages, where you can also sign up for email notification onproduct release.

747 Classic


Hope you enjoy these shots and please do all you can to stay assafe as possible!


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