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New Trailer For Aerosoft - Airport Sandnessjoen Stokka MSFS


Have you watched the trailer for the new MSFS DLC AirportSandnessjoen-Stokka yet? The Norwegian airport is the perfect basefor an adventurous flight over the Seven Sisters mountain range.

In the shadow of the majestic Seven sisters, there lies aplace... Welcome to northern Norway and Stokka Airport! Nestledin between four national parks, and just a hop and a skip away fromLofoten, Stokka makes the perfect base for the adventurousaviator. Explore the Seven Sisters mountain range: Thrusting theirheads 1000 meters above the shoreline, they form a dramatic backdropto the myriad of islands and lush cultural landscape. Set course forBorgefjell and spend the day exploring the high summits, deepvalleys, wild rapids and expansive moors.

Or maybe you want to fly along the coastline up towards the Lofotenarchipelago and explore a unique and breathtaking landscape of whichthere is no equal? Either way, we will see you there!

Sandnessjoen Airport, Stokka (ENST, SSJ) is a regional airportserving the town of Sandnessjoen, Norway. The airport features a 1409meter (4623 feet) asphalt runway (02/20), and is served by Wideroewith Dash 8 aircraft connecting the community to Boda, Trondheim andOslo.


  • Custom, highly detailed models for all airport buildings, including VOR and Localizer equipment, as well as buildings surrounding the airport.
  • Highly detailed interior for the departure hall, entrance area and tower
  • Reworked terrain and vegetation
  • Custom ground textures, including grooved runway.
  • Realistic night lighting
  • Custom models for all taxiway, runway and approach lights
  • PBR textures

Purchase Airport Sandnessjoen Stokka for MSFS 2020

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