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New Rolling Cumulus Adventure Coming Soon


For billions of years our planet has been invaded fromouter space! But not by green men, the intrusions have comeby comets, asteroids and meteors of all sizes and shapes.To date there are roughly 180 known impact craters on Earth;many other landforms are suspected, and many more are assumed to liehidden in the oceans since water masks 70 percent of the Earth crust.


The "Society of Impact Craters", a private organization has been makingsmall airfields near some of these craters together with sleeping quartersfor their scientists to go and study them.


Many pilots have been hired all over the planet to fly these men to eightcraters now that the weather in those areas is fair. Get ready for the flightsto some of the most mysterious places in the planet.


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Rolling Cumulus – Eight (8) RCS/Missions for MSFS 2020
Rolling Cumulus - Extreme Bush Flights - Indonesia for MSFS

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