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New Product Announcement For 2022 - FS Traffic MSFS


It's common to hear about an increase in traffic at this time ofthe year and the latest installment in Just Flight's long-runningTraffic series is going to mean busy skies for flight simmers in2022.


In line with previous versions of Traffic, FS Traffic will add arange of high quality AI aircraft, in a wide variety of liveries, toMicrosoft Flight Simulator. The aircraft will populate the airportsand airways of MSFS, following patterns based on real-world commercialpassenger schedules, and the result will be a massively more immersiveairport environment. In addition to the extensive range of liveriesand flights in the base package, users will be able to add theircustomised liveries to the program.

FS Traffic is due for release early part of next year and moredetails of specific features and included aircraft will be madeavailable over the coming weeks and we'll be opening a product pagefor the In Development section of the site too.




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