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New Adventure: RCS Space Intruders Episode 2: The Lakes


Coming Soon: Rolling Cumulus Software Episode 2 of Space Intruders!The Lakes!

Based on new tracking observations, The International AsteroidWarning Network has confirmed that asteroid 2017 PDC is on a coursethat almost certainly will impact the Earth on July 21, 2027, lessthan 9 years from now.


For millions and even thousands of years our planet has beenvisited and impacted by intruder asteroids and comets; space rocksthat have created enormous craters. Many have changed into beautifullakes.


On this episode bush pilots will fly to eight of these lakes pittedall over the planet. The Asteroid Study Group has constructed stationson these lakes and even made small airfields where astronomers spendweeks studying the surrounding areas of the lakes.

In episode 2 you have won a contract to fly these guys to their twoweek destination, lakes that at one time created havoc and destructionall over the planet.


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