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Neil's Tours - Wainwright's Week for MSFS


The English Lake District for MSFS 2020 only.

An update for my Book following in Alfred Wainwright’s and friendsfootsteps on his first ever holiday in the English Lake District. Seeall the mountains in all their glory, following the footpaths up anddown and at the end you could actually go walking up there and knowexactly where you are going. Just amazing.

This product is also available for Prepar3D V4 and for X-Plane 11.


These flights explore and show people from all over the world whatthe English Lake District has to offer by following Wainwright’s Walkof 1931.

This was Alfred Wainwright’s first ever weeks holiday in the LakeDistrict where along with three of his friends they went on to walkover many of the hills and mountains.


The Tour

The tour package includes additional scenery of airfields, a fullset of flight plans and an extensive guidebook in the form of a PDFfile.

The 64 page guidebook is the heart of the tour, offering maps,photos, instructions and a detailed week-long itinerary that willguide your flights to the best parts of the scenery.


About The Author Neil Birch

Neil Birch is a long time flightsimmer and has been creatingscenery and tours for FSX for many years. This is his first ventureinto MSFS. Neil is a pensioner who lives not far from the LakeDistrict.

Purchase Neil's Tours - Wainwright's Week for MSFS
Also available for Prepar3D v4
Also available for X-Plane 11

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