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Neil's Tours - UK Farm Strips Vol. 9 For MSFS


Here we have another twenty hard to find and challenging grassfields. Most of the airfields are artistic license and are not meantto look like the real thing. I have provided a Parking Spot at most ofthe fields as well as a navigation beacon (NDB) to help you find yourway.

As MSFS has progressed I am even more convinced that thissimulation when the few problems with the heavy metal have been ironedout will eventually go on to be No.1 for many years to come.


Included Airfields

  1. Auchindore
  2. Badminton
  3. Bagby
  4. Barton Ashes
  5. Black Springs Farm (Castle Bytham)
  6. Brockwood Park
  7. Brown Shutters
  8. Chilbolton
  9. Clench Common
  10. Clutton Hill
  11. Coal Aston
  12. Crosland Moor
  13. Crowfield
  14. Foula
  15. Ilas Field
  16. Kirton Lindsey
  17. Kittyhawk Farm
  18. Lamb Holm
  19. Rosemarket
  20. West Tisted



Along with the scenery you also get a guide book in PDF format. Theguide includes information on all the fields, including writtendetails, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy thescenery.

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