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Neil's Tours - UK Farm Strips - Vol 14 for MSFS


This volume is totally free to all users of Neil's FarmStrips. There are a few new ones and some updated ones where I boughta lawn mower and have managed to mow the grass.

Here we have another 23 hard to find and challenging grassfields. Most of the airfields are artistic licence and are not meantto represent the real buildings.

I have provided a parking spot at all of the fields.

As MSFS has progressed I am even more convinced that thissimulation when the few problems with the heavy metal have been ironedout will eventually go on to be No.1 for many years to come.


Included Airfields

  1. Achnasheen EGYQ
  2. Boughton North EGFX
  3. Branscombe EGTQ
  4. Bucknall EGWZ
  5. Bute EGRT
  6. Castle Kennedy EGUZ
  7. Causeway EGBA
  8. Crook Farm EGIO
  9. Hollym AG126
  10. Lundy EGZV
  11. Majery Cross AG904
  12. Mount Rule EGZW
  13. North Coates EGOE
  14. Northiam AG94
  15. Oxenhope EGOX
  16. Pymore AG79
  17. Salcombe (Bolt Head) EGZY
  18. Southery AG181
  19. Talybont EGUI
  20. Tiffenden AG91
  21. Top Farm EGFD
  22. Ugborough AG905



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