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Neil's Tours - UK Farm Strips Vol. 12 Released For MSFS 2020


A slight change in this volume. You have 19 new airstrips plus 16updates. I have managed to mow the grass on my airfields now so it will maketakeoffs and landings easier. Most of the airfields are artistic licence andare not meant to be accurate. I have provided a parking spot at most of thefields.

As MSFS has progressed I am even more convinced that this simulation whenthe few problems with the heavy metal have been ironed out will eventually goon to be No.1 for many years to come.

Included Airfields

  1. Beeches Farm EGVI
  2. Graveley EGVR
  3. Great Massingham EGTT
  4. Kirkbride EGWI
  5. Little-Staughton EGFK
  6. Longford AG502
  7. Long-Mynd EGNP
  8. Lukesfield EGYY
  9. Manton EGJN
  10. Mitchell's-Farm EGUU
  11. Nether-Huntleywood EGIT
  12. Old-Hay EGQA
  13. Old-Park-Farm EGPY
  14. Pilling-Sands AG401
  15. Rathcoole-Airport EIRT
  16. Weston Zoyland EGWS
  17. Westray EGEW
  18. Wharf-Farm EGMK
  19. Yatesbury EGAV

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