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Neil's Tours - UK Farm Strips - Vol 10 for MSFS


Here we have another twenty hard to find and challenging grassfields. Most of the airfields are artistic license and are not meantto look like the real thing. I have provided a Parking Spot at most ofthe fields.

As MSFS has progressed I am even more convinced that thissimulation when the few problems with the heavy metal have been ironedout will eventually go on to be No.1 for many years to come.


Included Airfields

  1. Ballyvaloo Eire 890 EICT
  2. Bennets End AG168
  3. Bowland Fell Gliding AG96
  4. Coleman Green AG211
  5. Crook Farm EGIO
  6. Davidstow EGJV
  7. Feshibridge EGZL
  8. Garston Farm AG124
  9. Gerpins Farm AG123
  10. Lumb EGRW
  11. Middleham YD04
  12. Nayland EGGH
  13. New-Farm (Bristol) AG125
  14. Pitsford EGII
  15. Portmoak EGYV
  16. Raydon Wings EGEZ
  17. Rhos Y Gilwen AG212
  18. Rookery Farm EGQX
  19. Rosearrow EGQO
  20. Tarn Farm EGJX



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