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Neil's Tours Releases UK Farm Strips Vol. 4 For MSFS


Here we are with Neil's Farm Strips Volume 4. This time it is slightlydifferent as we now have quite a lot of custom models, although they aresimply converted models from my FSX scenery so far. All my farm strips aresimply artistic licence and are not meant to look like the real thing butjust to add some life to the scenery.

I have placed all the models in a separate folder for you to addyourself, if you have an older computer and the scenery is too heavy simplyremove the model folders. Feel free to use the models in your scenery justgive me a nod, that's all I ask.



Included Airfields

  1. Bucknall EGWZ
  2. Elan Valley AG125
  3. Fadmoor EG19
  4. Green Acres AG129
  5. Hollym AG126
  6. Hornby Hall AG127
  7. Kilkerran AG128
  8. Lelant AG130
  9. Llandegla EGMW
  10. Lower Botrea AG131
  11. Mount Airey EGFJ
  12. Mount Rule EGZW
  13. Nantclwyd EGNF
  14. Peterlee EGUK
  15. Porthtowan EGTM
  16. Sherlowe EGWG
  17. Skirwith AG132
  18. Slinfold AG97
  19. Tresco AG124
  20. Truro EGHY



Along with the scenery you also get a 51 page guide book in PDFformat. The guide includes information on all the fields, including writtendetails, charts and photos that will help you find and enjoy thescenery.

Purchase Neil's Tours UK Farm Strips Vol. 4 For MSFS

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