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Navigraph Adds FSI Panel To MSFS


Airac cycle 2207 has been released! If you want to practicecertain procedures or scenarios in MSFS, you’ll probably find aninstructor panel to be a useful tool. The FSI Panel is designed tomimic the typical instructor panels that airlines use fortraining. The tool has previously been available exclusively forPrepar3D, but is now also available for MSFS. Not only will it allowyou to place your aircraft at various positions from cruise to finalapproach with the click of a button, but it will also help you toevaluate your landing performance using its landing report.

If you’re into practicing certain scenarios, you’ll most probablyfind the FSI Panel to be a useful addition to your MSFS even if you’reflying the smallest propeller aircraft, however, it’s perhaps when youpractice with FMC-equipped (Flight Management Computer) aircraftyou’ll find the FSI Panel to shine the most. Setting up an FMC overand over again in an airliner can be a cumbersome experience foranyone. The FSI Panel solves that problem by allowing you to easilyposition your aircraft from the panel in a matter of seconds, withouthaving to set up your FMC.


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