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MSFS October 7th, 2021 Development Update


Pre-release testing for Sim Update 6 has begun! If you areinterested to see what's coming in this update, we posted thetentative Release Notes for Sim Update 6here.

Later this month, our next Live Dev Q&A is scheduled for October20th at 10:30am PT. We plan on talking more about the upcoming RenoAir Race DLC and answering top community questions. If you havespecific questions about the Reno DLC, please post themhere.

Have a great week!

- The MSFS team


Dev Mode

  • We developed a new Aircraft Thumbnail Capture Manager which allowsyou to take several preset screen shots of one or several aircraft andautomatically save the result in the folder of your choosing.
  • Regarding gauges, we added a new option to switch between GDI &NanoVG at runtime.
  • We improved the UI of the Objects window: it now has 2 columns,one for packages & one for objects. They have separate filters to makeit a lot easier to find an object in particular.
  • Project Editor
    • We removed the ArtProj type from the list of asset grouptypes. Existing ArtProj assets groups will be automatically convertedinto ModelLib asset groups.
  • Scenery Editor
    • We are currently developing a "top/down" camera that will be particularly useful when editing an airport.
    • We added and optimized the debug OSM point features.
    • We disabled the gizmo while editing the heightmap.
    • We further optimized the exclusion polygons.
    • We fixed an issue where the windows would pop-up out of the screen when opened from the far right side of the main screen
  • Visual Effects Editor
    • We fixed node graph display issues when editing a newly created effect (e.g. white output pins, links disappearing upon edition).
    • We added a constraint on name when creating or renaming a visual effect.
    • Confirmation pop-up is now displayed when trying to create a new VFX with unsaved modifications on the one currently being edited.
    • We fixed several issues on the BezierCurve.
  • SimConnect
    • We enabled Key Events:


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