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MSFS October 1st, 2020 Development Update


This week has been a busy week for the Microsoft Flight SimulatorTeam. We released our first world update (Japan) which also containedadditional updates to the sim. On our live stream we announcedinformation on our upcoming Closed Beta VR and the requirements toparticipate.

To top things off we held our second live Dev QA where we talkedabout the state of the sim, bugs, features, and the future. Check outthe video below to watch the stream if you missed it. As mentioned inthe stream our journey is still young and we look forward tocontinuing it together with you.

Around The World - Europe

Partnership Series - Introducing Gaya Simulations

Twitch Update

Yesterday we hosted our monthly Developer Q&A on our TwitchChannel. It is now live on Youtube with marked chapters to highlightthe top questions. Feel free to explore the developer responses toyour questions here:


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