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MSFS October 15th, 2020 Development Update


Earlier this week we released our 4th Update to the sim whichcontained a variety of bug fixes and quality of life improvements (Seelink below for full patch notes). Unfortunately due to an oversight onour end (yes we are human) we inadvertently posted the wrong date forthe “Press Any Key To Continue†change on the previous weeks FeedbackSnapshot. As such this change did not go live in this update butinstead will go out with Update 5 as we had originally intended.

As always our goal is to maintain transparency and collaborationwith our community as we continue to evolve the sim. With that said,the team would once again like to express their gratitude for thefeedback and patience from those of you who encountered someturbulence with the previous patch. The team will continue to activelywork through the Feedback snapshot and keep the community informedalong the way.

SDK Update

The SDK team continues to improve many areas of the SDK based oninput from the developer community. Recent work focused on:


  • The DevMode team is working on improving the overall stability, giving a special focus to the Project Editor, the Scenery Editor, and the AircraftEditor.
  • We’re finishing the implementation of the new “Export Window†of the Project Editor. The underlying process will, among others, feature a validation step. This will ensure that packages built are valid and ready for later publication.
  • We’re also working on a Global rework of the Console and logging system, its ergonomics and features, especially to help the community find out faster what could be wrong during the package build process.
  • In the long-run, a dedicated team is still working hard on the forthcoming brand new Node-based Visual Effects System.
  • The community’s feedback continues to be very helpful in identifying & fixing bugs and thus making the tools better.
  • The MSFS Platform Toolset linker now properly reports errors in the Visual Studio Output tab.
  • We added the “Generate Debug Info†linker option to the MSFS Platform Toolset. It allows users to strip all symbols from the Release version (which makes them much smaller in size).
  • We changed the way symbols are exported from WASM modules: only explicitly exported ones are now really exported (which reduces module size even further). No code change is required.
  • Continuous efforts to improve debugging and reduce iteration times.
  • The WASI layer has been fixed to enable the usage of opendir/readdir from within WASM modules.

Twitch Update

This Friday, we will be hosting acommunity fly-in guided tourover Moscow, Russia usingMoscow Landmarks from Drzewiecki Design.Our newest Community Manager, Alex, and his father Andrew, will begiving the tour. They are both originally from Moscow, Russia. Andrewwas also one of the developers for Microsoft Flight Simulator decadesago. Come with questions, and all are welcome to fly along! Moredetails can be foundhere.

MSFS Is Now Available

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