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MSFS November 4th, 2021 Development Update


We are quickly approaching the release of our Game of the YearEdition and Reno Air Races expansion! The team is currently heads downworking hard to bring you the best possible experience. If you haveany questions about the upcoming releases, click here to upvote or aska question to the devs. Our next monthly Dev Q&A is scheduled forNovember 17th at 10:30am Pacific Time.

SDK Update

  • General
  • Dev Mode
    • Statistic Profiler
      • We improved the bitmap stats. We now avoid counting shared bitmaps several times.
    • Scenery Editor
      • We added the draw debug for helipads.
      • We fixed a crash that could happen when trying to add a CarParking to the scene.
    • Visual Effects Editor
      • We fixed a crash that happened when closing a document after moving and deleting a node.
      • We fixed the usage of default value for Graph parameter.
      • We fixed potential freezes in the BezierCurve editor when using the mouse wheel.
  • WASM
    • We fixed the WASM gauges on Xbox.


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