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MSFS November 25th, 2020 Development Update


Partnership Series: Introducing Honeycomb

SDK Update


  • Throughout this week, the DevMode team has been actively focused on the last fixes for Update 7. We hope you will enjoy the results -> check-out the SDK Release Notes!
  • On the Scenery Editor, the Heightmap Editor is nearly finished. We are also working on providing an editable hierarchy for object instances, which was one of the top requested features in terms of scenery editing.
  • The new Visual Effects are now coming to production, even though we still have work to do on process optimization. We’re also adding new SimVars, which is needed to condition the triggering of effects.
  • Besides all this, the whole new asset creation system within the Project Editor remains a work in progress, of course.
  • As a background task, the DevMode team is always working on improving the overall stability giving special focus to the Project Editor, the Scenery Editor, and the Aircraft Editor. The community’s feedback continues to be very helpful in identifying & fixing bugs and thus making the tools better.


  • We have fixed the functions related to AI objects and AI aircraft.

Third Party Udpdate

The third party creator community is just amazing and we are quiteliterally overwhelmed by the volume and the quality.

We also had several excellent conversations with freeware groupslike Working Title and Fly By Wire. Each of these teams is veryimpressive and the quality of their work is excellent. We are hopefulto engage more deeply with these teams in the coming weeks.

Finally, thank you for the feedback regarding the airport gatewaysystem. We really appreciate the insights provided and will formulatea plan on how to get this going in 2021! Thank you all. It’s immenselyrewarding to be part of the hobby and to meet and to get to work withall of you!


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