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MSFS Local Legends #7 - 195 Businessliner Now Available


Available now! In conjunction with World Update XI: Canada,Microsoft Flight Simulator today released the latest aircraft in the“Local Legends†series of planes. The 195 Businessliner is asingle-engine, high-wing general aviation and utility airplane byAmerican aviation manufacturer, Cessna.

The Cessna 195 Businessliner looks both elegant and powerful, witha large cowling that encloses its radial engine and smooth linesthroughout its entire form. Flying the Cessna 195 is an unforgettableexperience; its engine really delivers, and the aircraft demands pilotprecision from take-off to landing.

The 195 Businessliner includes ten liveries: eight classic, anXbox, and an Aviator’s Club. Available today in the Microsoft FlightSimulator in-sim marketplace for $19.99. The sky is calling!

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