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MSFS Fly-In Events


Virtually every weekend starting in February, our Community hashosted "Fly-in" events in order to help test our Multiplayermode. From IFR flights over the Caribbean, to scenic tours of HongKong, to STOL Drag Racing, there is a wide range of events for everytype of pilot and skill level.

Pieter, one of our Forum and Discord mods, regularly hosts thesecommunity fly-in events in his spare time via Discord. Othermoderators, such as Joachim and Simtom, often help with theseevents. Pieter explains, "There have been some magical moments wherewe're flying with 20+ people and the chat goes completely quiet. Youhave these moments, when the time of day and scenery just leave youbreathless -- 20+ GA planes flying together in complete silencebecause we're all experiencing this breath-taking moment together, andit's such an amazing thing to be to part of."

"There are so many memorable moments, for example, when peoplewould warn each other of turbulence on route, and then to actuallyexperience that turbulence exactly where it was reported. Also, cloudformations and other weather features are perfectly synced between thesessions. The realization that we're all experiencing the exact samecircumstances was pretty flabbergasting."


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