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MSFS February 25th, 2021 Development Update


Based on recent feedback from the community about the flaps issuethat was introduced in World Update III, we decided to address theissue as quickly as we can and to publish a hotfix next week. As thatwill require thorough testing, we will be pushing back both Sim UpdateIII and World Update IV by a week. Sim Update III is targeting earlyMarch and World Update IV is targeting early April. We appreciate yourcontinued feedback on issues like this as we strive to do right by ourcommunity.

Our next live Developer Q&A on Twitch will be March 10th at 10:30amPST (1830Z). More details will be provided soon on our forums.

Third Party Update

What an exciting week for aircraft development. Sim Skunk Worksannounced the TF104G Starfighter, DC Designs shows off first images oftheir F-14 Tomcat, Just Flight announced the Hawk T1, Whiskey JetSimulation showed more of their Airbus A220, iniBuilds shared progresson the Airbus A300 Beluga and A310-300 and Aerosoft’s CRJ is gettingcloser to release. Our team is very excited to see all these awesomeplanes moving forward at such a great pace and it’s a great testamentthat the SDK is getting better and better.


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