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MSFS Famous Flyers #3 - Bonanza Released


The Microsoft Flight Simulator team is excited to announce thelatest release in the Famous Flyers series of aircraft - theBeechcraft Bonanza V35, one of the most distinctive, memorably stylishaircraft in the history of aviation. A favorite among aviators, thisclassic and sporty cruiser boasts performance to match its outstandinglooks.

The Bonanza V35 is a single-engine, 4-seat, V-tail monoplanemanufactured by American aircraft firm Beechcraft. The V35 is a memberof the venerable Bonanza family, which holds the title oflongest-running continuously produced aircraft line in history. TheBonanza V35 was produced from 1966 to 1967 and is recognizable overother Bonanza V-tail models due to a number of distinguishing featuresincluding a one-piece windshield and trapezoidal rear windows.

The Bonanza V35 comes with ten liveries, including an Xbox, anAviator’s Club, and eight others from which to choose. It is availablein the Microsoft Flight Simulator in-sim marketplace for $14.99. Staytuned for more Famous Flyers aircraft coming soon. The sky is calling!


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