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MSFS December 3rd, 2020 Development Update


Wow, is it December already? As we all prepare to close out thefinal chapter of 2020, surely a year for the history books, we lookback at the last year and how far we have come and look forward towhat the future holds. A future filled with VR, Xbox, the ability toreplay your favorite moments among many other additions. In themeantime, the team is nose down, preparing for the final update of theyear.

Development Roadmap

Click here for the web-friendly version.

Feedback Snapshot

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SDK Update


  • We're still focusing our efforts on improving the new Visual Effects system performance. The corresponding editor has now reached its first basic functional version.
  • On the Scenery Editor side, the heightmaps edition is now ready and will be available in a future update. Object grouping feature is still WIP.
  • New assets creation system from within the Project Editor is still a work in progress.
  • As a background task, the DevMode team is always working on improving the overall stability of the DevMode, with particular focus on the Project Editor, the Scenery Editor, and the Aircraft Editor. The community’s feedback continues to be helpful to identifying and fixing bugs and thus making the tools better.


  • We are making an effort to lower the iteration time when developing for the platform.
  • New security mechanisms have been implemented and others are being studied to protect WASM modules developed by third parties.

Twitch Schedule

  • Dec. 4 [Friday]: Community Fly-in: Guided Tour of Vietnam with Community Member SeedyL! All are welcome to join. Read here for more information.
  • Dec. 9 [Wednesday]: Flying Lessons for Noobs: Taught by ForderLearnToFly, we will begin lessons on the C152.
  • Dec. 11 [Friday]: Community Fly-in: Guided Tour of New Zealand with Community Member Zkdos! All are welcome to join. Read here for more information.
  • Dec. 15 [Tuesday]: Join TheFlyingFabio as he makes his first appearance on the MSFS stream! More details next week.
  • Dec. 18 [Friday]: We are planning a Grand Canyon Razor Run for the community! More details next week.

Twitch Developer Stream

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