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MSFS 2020 Plugin For FS Navigation Map Now Available


I would like to announce that the plugin to connect MSFS 2020 tothe FS Navigation Map Android app is now available. It can bedownloaded from our web sitehttps://www.drubware.net

If you don't know FS Navigation Map, the aim of this app is toquickly give essential information about airports and navaids beforeand during simulation flights.

With FS Navigation Map, the user can see over a map whereaiports, ILS, VORs, NDBs and waypoints are located, together withrelevant information like frequencies, heading (for ILS), etc. and theability to search for specific spots. Moreover, it includes a quickand easy option to create and follow flight plans from theapplication.

More Info
Drubware Announces New Version Of FS Navigation Map

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