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MSFS 2020 Passes One Million Sales


Microsoft Flight Simulator is the biggest game launch in Xbox GamePass for PC history with over 1 million players to datery with over 1million players to date.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has a rich history as Microsoft’slongest running franchise, and we are proud to announce we arecelebrating the simulator’s biggest launch in 38 years.

Just over two weeks ago, Microsoft Flight Simulatorlaunched. Thanks to the incredible support of our community of fans,pilots, flight enthusiasts and virtual travelers, we have had morethan one million unique players take to the skies. Additionally,Microsoft Flight Simulator was the biggest game launch in Xbox GamePass for PC (Beta) history. On behalf of the entire team, we’d like toexpress our gratitude to all the fans who have begun to explore theworld and the magic of flight with us.

It's been wonderful to see the reactions to Microsoft FlightSimulator from the community, who have flown more than 26 millionflights and logged more than 1 billion miles flown to date – theequivalent of flying around the world over 40 thousand times. Talkabout racking up those frequent flyer miles!

In each of those billion miles, we’ve been delighted to see theflight simulation community enjoy the simulator and help improve theexperience through their ongoing feedback, while also welcoming andtraining new simulation pilots.

Launch marks the beginning of a journey for us and this is just thestart. There is plenty more to come on our flight itinerary includingworld updates, sim updates, and future themed DLC. Microsoft FlightSimulator is the ticket for anyone who has ever dreamt of flying orexploring the world. The sky is calling.


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