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MSFS 2020 October 8th, 2020 Development Update


Our dev team has been hard at work fixing bugs and implementingupdates, and we are ready to bring you Update #4 next week! As statedin our recent live Dev Q&A, we are listening to all our communitiesand hope to provide abetter cadence and more transparency in our work. You can now expectmore frequent updates to our Feedback Snapshot and DevelopmentRoadmap, as we continue to tweak the information we provide on bugs,feature requests, and more. Thank you for your support as we moveforward!

Development Update

VR CLOSED BETA UPDATE: It’s been a week since we opened sign up forVR Closed Beta and have received many eager applicants. Thank you forexpressing interest in testing VR with us! We are currently evaluatingthe specs and making decisions at this time. We will provide anotherupdate here once emails have been sent out to participatingtesters.

Partnership Series Update – Introducing Aerosoft

Patch Note Highlights

The patch is set to release October 13th. Here is a brief overviewof what’s coming. Full patch notes will be posted once the patch islive.

  • Bug fixes (VFR Map, Avionics black screen, etc.)
  • Navigation data updates
  • UI updates
  • Aerodynamics updates
  • Activity updates
  • Marketplace updates
  • World updates

Development Roadmap


SDK Update

The SDK team continues to improve many areas of the SDK based oninput from the developer community. Recent work focused on:

DevMode Progress:

  • Project Editor:
    • We are working on the Project Editor to facilitate Package exporting for community and marketplace targets. A package validation process is also being added to this new publish process, with user-facing error feedback.
    • Besides improvements on the Project Editor, we are also working on the Console window to improve its ergonomics and add features which should help better understand what is going on in the sim.
  • Aircraft Editor:
    • The tool keeps on being improved thanks to community feedbacks and bug report, which are systematically taken into account and most of the time addressed straight away.
  • Scenery Editor:
    • General stability improvements.
  • Nodal Visual System:
    • We keep making progress on the new nodal visual effects system, which should be ready for production soon.

Web Assembly:

  • We continue to work on improving debugging information and iteration times.
  • We are further extending the GDI+ compatibility layer

We are fixing the external FsPackageTool for users of the Steamversion of the game.

  • We updated and fixed part of the documentation.
  • We updated the AirportVehicleSample.


User Feedback

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