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MSFS 2020 February 10, 2022 Development Update


If you haven't heard, Sim Update 8 Beta is live as of this morning!If you are interested in participating, click here for directions onhow to join. And if you're just curious, you can read the workingrelease notes here. On another note, A big thank you for all whoattended our SDK Q&A yesterday on Twitch. You can view the VOD of thatstream here to catch up. Happy flying!

SDK Update


  • Thank you all so much for joining yesterday on our first Live Q&A session of 2022! Some questions needed clarification, so feel free to post on DevSupport to provide us with more details!
  • As mentioned yesterday, we are currently working on the Aircraft Editor and elaborating a new system for missions. More information to come as soon as possible!


  • We're making good progress on the game-rendered-in-a-window feature, which is the first step towards preset layouts for each editor.

Scenery Editor

  • We fixed an issue that would reset the camera view every time an object is placed.
  • We fixed the one-click placing of projected meshes.
  • In the object selector, we now sort the combo box alphabetically.
  • We fixed an issue on jetways.
  • We fixed the "apply flatten" feature that didn't update the floor geometry.


  • We added a debug window that will allow you to monitor several performance indicators (memory, timings...)


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