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MSFS 2020 Dev Update For September 9 2021


Thank you to everyone who has downloaded World Update VI andprovided feedback in the forums, Zendesk, and social media. You, thecommunity, help shape Microsoft Flight Simulator day by day and we aregrateful to have such a great mix of perspectives, backgrounds, andvoices. There are some bugs discovered this week from the recentupdate and we plan on releasing a hotfix in the coming week. It willinclude a fix for the night lighting Render Scale, Offscreen TerrainPreCaching on VR menus, minor world/water mask clean-up, and a fewmore items. Full patch notes will be posted with the update.

We announced the delay of both our live Dev Q&A and aircraftrelease (Junkers JU-52) the other day but are happy to share that thenew release date for the Junkers JU-52 is September 28th. We are stillworking on the postponed date for our live Dev Q&A and will provide anupdate as soon as possible.

Below you'll find a new Development Roadmap updated throughNovember. With Maverick: Top Gun now slated for next May, were-evaluated the next few months and plan on having two major updates:Sim Update VI and Sim Update VII/Reno Air Races.

Enjoy this Development Update and have a great weekend!


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