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MSFS 2020 August 26th, 2021 Development Update


On Tuesday at gamescom, we announced four major updates coming toMicrosoft Flight Simulator later this fall: on September 7th we arereleasing World Update VI featuring Austria, Germany & Switzerland andalongside it, we are introducing a new payware series called "LocalLegends" that celebrate the region of the current World Update; forWorld Update VI, we selected the German Junkers JU-52 which will bereleased September 9th.

For later this fall, we announced the first major expansion to thesim, featuring the Reno Air Races, which introduces competitivemultiplayer and more. And finally, we have a fascinating new aircraft,(electric vertical take-off and landing) air taxi for urban flightscalled "VoloCity", which will also be released soon.

SDK Update


Three months after the launch of the DevSupport platform, we wouldlike to thank you for all your posts (already 400 of them!). We aredoing our best to provide answers to each topic, even though some ofthe topics require a lot of time to investigate, discuss, etc. Butthis platform is also meant for you as a community so please feel freeto provide your own answers and solutions if you encounter somethingyou can provide insight into!

Dev Mode

We're preparing a new pop-up to display important information whenyou launch the game with the DevMode enabled. This will allow us tocommunicate more efficiency when a major change is coming.

We also fixed the missing content info thumbnail on our simpleaircraft sample.

Aircraft Editor

We fixed the corruption that could occur within CFG files whensaving your project.

We are also working on a refactoring of the CFG file parsing, sincethe way the editor currently works, it removes all comments and addsspaces, additional zeros, etc.

We fixed a crash that could occur when reloading the current aircraft after changing its contact points.

Junkers Ju-52 Teaser
Reno Races Teaser
MSFS World Update VI Teaser Video Released

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