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Mosquito FB VI - AuthentiKit Flight Controls Preview Video


AuthentiKit is delighted to announce significant progress on theirsuite of Mosquito FB VI flight controls. A working prototype of theelevator trim wheel has now been created and development is underwayon the flight stick and dual engine throttle quadrant. AuthentiKithopes to release the first control before the end of 2021 and havemost controls complete ready for the launch of the Mosquito for IL2'sBattle of Normandy campaign.

AuthentiKit is a freeware project creating flight controls in kitform that you can either 3D print yourself or source via theircommunity 3D printing service at rates much cheaper than commercial 3Dprinting. Hardware parts are all low cost commodity components whichcan be self sourced or purchased as an all in one kit. The flightcontrols are simple to assemble requiring no soldering, workshop toolsor metalwork.

AuthentiKit Mosquito Project
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