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MK-Studios Updates Several Sceneries


We're now fully back from Winter Holiday and we started with a fewof the most important things.

Rovaniemi MSFS 1.0.2 update

  • AFCAD fixes

Lisbon MSFS 1.0.1 update

  • AFCAD fixes
  • Terminal texture fixes
  • RAM usage reduced
  • Added missing jetway for gate 107
  • CTD fix
  • General improvements

Helsinki MSFS 1.0.1 update

This one was delivered to vendors today and should be available soon.

  • AFCAD fixes
  • General improvements
  • RAM usage reduced

Rovaniemi P3Dv5 1.01 update

  • SODE/AFCAD hotfix

Rovaniemi P3Dv4 is now available!

Porto P3D is now coming close to release and will be followed byFuerteventura.

Now, let's get back to Rome, Cork, and...


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