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MK-Studios Previews Keflavik


Scenery developer MK-Studios have released some previewimages on Facebook of Keflavik International Airportrunning in Prepar3D V5.

Keflavyk Airport, also known as Reykjavyk-Keflavyk Airport, is thelargest airport in Iceland and the country's main hub forinternational transportation. The airport is 1.7 nm westof Keflavyk and 50 km southwest of Reykjavyk. The two3,000 m long (10,000 ft) and 61 m wide (200 ft) runways arelarge enough to support NASA's Space Shuttle as well as the AntonovAn-225. On 29 June 1999, Concorde G-BOAA flew from Heathrow Airport toReykjavyk (Keflavik airport). The airport is also an importantemergency landing runway for large aircraft in transatlantic operationin the ETOPS system, which requires aircraft to always have less thana certain distance from a suitable landing site.



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