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MK Studios Announces Update For Helsinki For P3D


Apologizes, the post regarding Helsinki update was postedaccidentally. We're testing the update right now internally. It shouldbe available in the next 24 hours.

I leave the changelog below anyway so you could have a look onwhat's changed.

Changelog v1.10

  • AFCAD stands fixed
  • AFCAD crosswind runways added
  • AFCAD gate assignments fixed
  • Animated vehicles added
  • Remodeled buildings behind the terminal
  • Stopbar lights added
  • Runway light brightness adjusted
  • Taxiway light brightness adjusted
  • Taxiway lights flickering fixed
  • Runway touchdown zone lights removed from 04R and 33
  • Approach lights for 33 added
  • Night texture removed from tower
  • Missing gravel pit model near 22L added
  • Missing buildings on 04R approach path added
  • Stand S52 wrong label fixed
  • Stand 31 renamed to 32
  • Wrong sign on S45 fixed
  • Terminal interior night textures adjusted
  • Dynamic lights added to cargo area
  • Lamp glow brightness reduced
  • Bus colliding with terminal building fixed
  • Cars inside building fixed
  • Multiple vegetation fixes
  • Satellite image adjustments
  • Hill near cargo area flattened
  • Improvements for P3D V5.1 HF1

Things to look for in another hotfix:

  • APP light 3D models too close to TWY on 24R
  • investigate more on flashing the taxiway lights


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