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Microsoft Flight Simulator - Where In The World Is That?


Have you ever looked at a screenshot or video from the upcomingMSFS and wondered what part of the world is being shown? Thanks tou/Ansenton, you no longer have to.

With the help of the Flight Sim community, Ansenton created a worldmap that pinpoints every place on Earth we've showcased so far in theupcoming MSFS. Click on a pinpoint, and see each screenshot in all ofits beauty.

Since the announcement of MSFS, over 100+ locations have beenpointed out and Ansenton documented it all. Ansenton spent over 40hours working with the community to identify each location.

Thank you Ansenton and all the community folks that helped supportthis effort. We are incredibly grateful to be working on a franchisethat has such a dedicated and passionate community!

Check out the map hereorjoin in on the conversation!



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