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Microsoft Flight Simulator May 7th, 2020 Development Update


Here is an update on the current postponed deliverables:

  • MAY 28th - EPISODE 8 (IFR) is our current target release date.
  • EARLY JUNE - Partnership Series update will be released.

Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X Is Coming Next Week

The team has started preparations for releasing the upcoming Alphabuild. We’ve spent a few extra days incorporating a number of fixesfor the Airbus A320 based on feedback from the communitytesters. We’ve completed integration and now just running a final passto ensure everything is working, as expected.

  • WEEK OF MAY 11th – Alpha Build Update 1.3.X.X.
    • Release Candidate in build release preparation.
    • Build notes in final review phase. Prepped for release.

Alpha Invitations

The team has completed step 1 of the process outlined below. Wehave started working on step 2 and will be releasing a new round ofinvitations starting next week in tandem with the release of theupdated Alpha build.

  1. Ensure that everyone that received an acceptance email has access to the Alpha.
  • Status – Complete
Assess Alpha participation options for adding more people as quickly as possible.
  • Prioritize access for those that registered early for pre-release build testing.
  • Status – Prepping for release

Development Roadmap

We have released version 5.01 of the Development Roadmap (June/Julypreview).

If you are interested in checking out the updated DR, please headinto the Insider Area.


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