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Microsoft Flight Simulator June 4th, 2020 Development Update


We are going to keep the update brief this week.

Here is an update on the current postponed deliverables:

Partnership Series Update

We are down to our last postponed deliverable (PartnershipSeries). The team is working hard to deliver the next installment inthe Partnership Series on 06.11, and remain excited to share with thecommunity more about the amazing partners contributing to the nextiteration of MSFS.

Alpha 4 Coming Soon

Alpha 4 is currently in the final testing stages. We will be preppingthe build for release starting next week and currently tracking torelease on 06.11 (fingers crossed) barring any unforeseen issues.

  • June 11th - Alpha 4 release
  • June 11th - Alpha 4 build notes release

Alpha Invitations

Next round of invites being sent today!

Development Roadmap

The June preview of the Development Roadmap (0601) is here! If youare interested in checking out the preview version, please head intothe Insider Area.



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