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Microsoft Flight Simulator February 27th Development Update


Feature Discovery Series

  • Episode 8 - Is Coming Soon!

We are putting the finishing touches on Episode 8 (Multiplayer)!The team is excited to release the next episode in our FeatureDiscovery Series where we explore all multiplayer related activitiesplanned for the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator.


  • Episode 7 - has been moved back
  • Episode 8 - has been moved up


Note – due to the increasing demand for multiplayer information, wehave swapped release dates for Episode 7 (IFR) and Episode 8 (MP).

  • Episode 8 will now be released on March 12th
  • Episode 7 will now be released the end of March

Partnership Series Update

We are currently delayed on our partnership series update due to aseries of unforeseen delays impacting travel. We expect to have anupdate very soon but are still running a bit behind schedule.

Feedback Snapshot Update For March And April Is Here



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