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Microsoft Flight Simulator April 30th, 2020 Development Update


As we bring April to a close, the team remains focused on the coredeliverables needed to bring the next iteration of Microsoft FlightSimulator to market. That said, we also recognize the importance ofother deliverables that many of you in the community value and wewanted to take a moment to provide a status update on a few ofthese:

Development Roadmap

The team is currently working on updating the DR. We are pushing torelease an updated DR on 05.07.

Partnership Series

The current health challenges have added a bit of a delay to ourPartnership Series updates. As we continue to work through thissituation with our partners, the team is excited to officiallyannounce that the next Partnership Series Spotlights will feature –NAVBLUE, meteoblue, and FlightAware. We expect to provide a timelinefor when we will be releasing each spotlight in our 05.07 update,along with the next set of Partnership Series Spotlights we areplanning to announce.

SDK Update

The team is targeting 05.07 to provide an update on the SDK work.

Though we are all working through a unique and challengingsituation, our commitment to deliver the very best Flight Simulationexperience in collaboration with the community remains strong. Whetherposting to the forums, providing Alpha build feedback, commenting onposted screenshots, debating runway undulations, discussing inaccuratereporting, or just keeping up with the latest...thank you. Bringingpeople together, even if to debate, is a great way of keeping peopleconnected in a time when so many of us are separated from eachother. This community that we share together, has been an incrediblesource of inspiration and motivation to the team.

Wishing all of you, your family and friends, the very best ofhealth and well-being.


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