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Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 5 Has Been Released


Welcome the Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 5 (build!

In this update you'll find improved content, bug fixes, and anupdated list of known issues.

A note from the development team:

This update is focused primarily on community feedback, bug fixes,and an overall polish pass.

All planes have received another round of polish and tuning. Wecontinue to triage bugs and reset priorities when needed. You shouldalso find an updated round of polish (on-going) to the world,airports, scenery, and the weather.

We are hard at work focused on community feedback, polish, polish,and more polish. Please keep the feedback coming as we genuinely valuethe community’s help improving the overall flight-experience!

Improved Content - Flight Model

  • The engine/propeller effects on all propeller planes has been improved for P-Factor, Torque, Gyro-Precession, and Prop Wash
  • Flap lift and drag adjustments across all planes were made
  • Belly landings are now possible for the Bonanza G36
  • Overall A320 Fly By Wire (FBW) improvements continued
  • TBM 930 Engine torque adjustments made
  • Ongoing improvement to the ground effect formula to improve the overall "realism"

Community Feedback and Fixes

A long list of very specific fixes; go to source page for full details.

Alpha Invitations

New wave of invitations being sent today!

Closed Beta Is Coming

We are currently scheduled to release Closed Beta on 07.30.

As a reminder, if you are currently an Alpha tester, you will beautomatically granted access to the Closed Beta.

If you are not currently an Alpha tester, we will be sending outnew invitations for Closed Beta participation.


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