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Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha 1.2.10 Released


Welcome to the 1.2.10 version of the Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha!

In this update you'll find a description of the new content we'veadded, bugs we've addressed, and an updated list of known issues.

We know many of you have been waiting to fly jets, and today we'reincredibly excited to announce the wait is over!

In close partnership with Airbus, we're proud to release the AirbusA320 for community testing. This is a key step in our developmentprocess as we work together with the community to finalize thisaircraft for launch.

Though this is the first version of the plane, we hope you willhelp test many of the systems we’ve already included. For example:

  • Fly by Wire system including some of the flight-envelope protection features and new airliner-specific autopilot and auto-throttle functions.
  • MCDU (flight computer)
  • FCU (Autopilot control panel) functions implemented.
  • SID’s and STAR’s
  • High altitude flight
  • Long range missions
  • Land with autobrake and ground spoilers
  • Newly implemented ground handling features such as jetways, refueling trucks, baggage and catering, pushback and ground power carts.

There are some complex systems in the aircraft that we did notinclude at this stage in order to ensure focus on the ones that wereready to be tested. You should expect that some indications may bemissing or not final, and some displays may show anomalies. Many ofthe autopilot and auto-throttle functions work but some are stillWIP. You will be able to fly ILS and visual approaches, but fullapproach functionality is not included in this version. Expect updatesto the MSDU functionality and audio during our next round ofupdates.

It has been an incredible experience partnering with Airbus tobring the A320 to the next iteration of Microsoft FlightSimulator. And we are looking forward to working with the community toensure the very best flight simulation experience across all ouraircraft.

Alpha testers, Airbus A320 is cleared for takeoff!


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