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LVFR Airbus A321neo v1.2.0 Released


Changelog v1.2.0

  1. Fixed flaps anomaly
  2. Aerodynamics/flight physics correction
  3. Performance stability improvement. Some XBOX S users had CTD’s on certain occasions, and also some PC users. Now you will have 2 options for each aircraft, one with Cabin interiors/passengers and another without Cabin interiors and passengers. This last one should work on those users who have encountered CTD’s.
  4. Black screens issue resolved for XBOX.

Most of the significant issues have been addressed, we just checkedon XBOX Series S and when using a non cabin/passengers frame no CTDissues. Also no black screen issues. We completely revised theaerodynamics and flight physics and also corrected an issue with theflaps. We are committed to this aircraft and we appreciate thefeedback and for now we are planning in doing quality updates movingforward.

LatinVFR Releases Airbus A321neo for MSFS 2020

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