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Lionheart Trinidad Update Delayed


Official Notice: Trinidad Build 4.2 Delayed...

The new version of the Trinidad has been updated to MSFS SU5 Build1.18. This new version has new code elements which the new Trinidadupdate uses. It will be broken if I release it to you as it is. Ifailed to realize this until late last night. We adjusted numerousknobs and switches for the new MSFS.

2 weeks.... 2 longggggg weeeeeks....

It will be nice. Its a ton of work. Its ludicrous how difficultit is to get things to work. It has been a test of my endurance.Trying to figure out how to get this working, that animating right,this code template that causes these decals to turn off or light upwhen switches are on and off, has been a monstrous endeavor.

Hang in there, Trinidad Drivers...


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