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Lionheart Releases Trinidad TB21 GT v4.2 MSFS

Lionheart Creations announces an update for the Trinidad TB21GT for MSFS 2020. This is now Build 4.2.

It includes quite a few updates and also the package is adapted forthe new updates in MSFS; fully SU5 compliant and works with the newXBox style Mouse-Lock control routines.

Changelog Build 4.2

Updates And Fixes

  • Lights issue where they were turning off when going to exterior view is repaired
  • Updates to 3D instrumentation
  • OAT instrument recalibrated
  • Instrument lights revamped at different angles, blue glow system reset to different circuit to keep from coming on when off at flight startups

Mods And Enhancements

  • Updates to mesh of instrument pod faces, more flatter, actual realistic look
  • Foot step pylons animate with retractable landing gear
  • Updates to handling including flaps performance
  • Updates to Autopilot performance characteristics courtesy of Onimanius
  • New SU5 Update 'Mouse Lock' systems integrated into click zones on the knobs and switches and levers in the cockpit with the cool click/drag readouts. Knobs and bits glow blue when you mouse over over them.
  • Fuel selector integrated to SU5 update


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