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Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT Build 3.4 Released


Changelog Build 3.4

Here are updates to the new package:

  • NAV System revamped. Must use NAV mode to access VOR and ILS Navigation. GPS/NAV button or CDI button on the GPS units to initiate NAV instruments.
  • Alternator issue resolved via Systems config links to proper circuit
  • Fuel Range adjusted to proper 1055 NM at 5,000 feet altitude, 2 pilots aboard, full fuel, 75% power
  • DOORS ARE NOW FUNCTIONING! Just a reminder. And Cargo door opens via round red knob, bottom left
  • Adjustments to exterior shine 'Wax' setting bumped up 0.100 on slider. :) A better reflection, less grain
  • Enhanced, revamped bump maps in 4K resolution. Rivet scale and panels redone and crisper with adjustments to Normal height. Some real punch now.
  • New 'flat' non-reflective Material for the several Trinidad's that have weathered exteriors.
  • Some fixes to exterior mesh issues, such as elevator shadows, aileron at RH side repaired, and various other tidbits.
  • CG adjusted for 2 pilots, improved.
  • Improvements to textures concerning rivets on dark paint areas.


This is the sleek, high performance French 4 seater 'Trinidad' bySocata Aerospace in France. This 250 HP Turbocharged Edition of theTrinidad line, the TB-21 GT, is a fast cruiser, hitting cruise speedsof 200 MPH or 180+ knots. Some were fitted with oxygen systems forhigh altitude cruising, up to 25,000 feet ASL. She was designed with avery advanced interior with automotive style instrument panelfeaturing 'instrument pods' similar to the Lotus Esprit andLamborghini Countach of that era. Even today, her instrument paneldesign is more advanced in appearence to other manufacturers.



  • 22 (twenty two) different paint schemes!
  • 3 different interior themes: gray, tan, neon euro blue
  • Extreme detail virtual cockpit with updated and modified mesh, mapping, and graphics
  • Disappearing control yoke for visibility
  • Extreme high-resolution textures in PBR format complete with bump mapping
  • Asobo high end avionics including their GNS530 and GNS430 GPS systems
  • Sound pack is also an Asobo creation with some incredible sound effects that only MSFS sound systems feature which include bumping sounds, performance maneuver 'groans' from the airframe, and other cool effects
  • Fold up arm rests



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