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Lionheart Creations - Q200 for MSFS 2020


This is the Q-200 high performance sport aircraft by QuickieAircraft Corporation. This sleek two seater was a homebuilt 'kitplane' that you assembled. This version was the high performance 100HPmodel powered by the Continental O-200. The futuristic design featureda Canard 'Twin Wing' layout with elevators on the front wing andailerons on the wing. Some interesting features are the Flexor reversespoiler system, the twin center fuel tanks that used a fuel transfersystem similar to Concord. The main landing gear was mounted inaerodynamic skirts in the wingtips for the front wing. Incredibly, theQ only weighed 550 LBS dry, 1100 Max at take-off, and featured a verysmall wingspan of 16 feet total. Mind you, you had two sets ofwings.


This package features 13 different exterior high detail paintschemes that range from base line kit style, to supercar colorselections, to air racer variants with wild paint schemes andstripes. Interiors vary from nearly each aircraft with panels in gray,light blue, striped paint and color paint, carbon fiber, and alsowood. Some features include 3D instrumentation, the Asobo GNS530 GPSsystem, a simple base line autopilot to help on long flights, anelaborate warning light system, Flexor controls, fuel readouts forboth tanks and a fuel transfer system that requires constant attentionon long flights. Other features include Oshkosh parking mode (parkingmode) that deploys two small camping tents at the tail, and a plexiselector that changes the 'outside only' plexiglass bubble betweentints of 'dark, medium, and nearly clear' plexi choices. The plexialso features the now famous Asobo rain effects with streaming rain,and also fine detail plexi scratches.


The aircraft will max out at 180 knots, full throttle. This is aHOT little plane with very moderate power to weight ratio. It isrecommended that you do not use full throttle on take-offs. Just likeother high performance sport planes, such as the Pitts biplane andExtra 330, you must be careful on your rollout on take-offs, lest youspin her out accidentally.

I have created a nice manual for it that you can download and readbefore purchase to make sure you would be happy with her. This coolmanual features a lot of screenshots and notes with arrows pointing tothe various systems and lights and knobs and bits, explaining howeverything works, the hidden features you do not always find, and eventhe basics of how to fly it.

If you love futuristic things, X-Wings, sport aircraft, highperformance planes, homebuilts, radical aircraft, things that are NOTNORMAL, this baby is definitely for you!



Build 1.0 is the present 'Build' version available. This version isfor MSFS 2020 only.

Lionheart Creations - Q200 for MSFS 2020

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