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Lionheart Creations Coming To MSFS 2020


Where is Bill Ortis!? What is up with Lionheart Creations? Arethey still going?

Yes...Still here, still alive, still working hard.

I have been working massively hard to learn the new simulator, MSFS2020. It has new code, though some code still works in it. I haveopted to go with Blender as the main 3D design tool to export andbuild and work on and convert models to for MSFS because the newestversion of Max 2020 and 2021 is lacking.


Presently, I am working on the Trinidad and Kodiak as the firstmodels to come to MSFS. Many hurdles...much to learn. Blender is goingwell. I am impressed with it. Converting the models is difficultthough.

Yes, I still want to finish the F100, the Panthera, the Avanti, andupdate planes and hope to be converting the fleet to MSFS. It willtake time. It is not easy.

What an amazing sim, MSFS. I am so impressed...



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