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Lionheart Bringing Q200 Dragonfly To MSFS 2020


This classic from P3D days is getting close to launch. The Q200Dragonfly, Continental 100HP performance Edition. Doing testing andfinalization. Much still needed to do, but close. This features allAsobo instrumentation in pure 3D (aside from their HTML/css screentech). Green, Orange, and Yellow versions matched to modernLamborghini Huracan colors, and the midnight blue is now matched upwith Tesla's beautiful metallic blue.

Did you know the Q2's and Q200's have a flap type system on theirrear wings? They raise the ailerons up when active, which also helpsslow down the plane on approaches, as well as increasing lift. It'scalled the 'Flexxer' system.



Lionheart Creations - Q200 for FSX and P3D

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